Courses2Careers Pty Ltd operates a number of business units including those listed below.

Mind Your Profit

Providing business mentoring, website development & hosting, social media marketing, and general business consulting services. Mind Your Profit has a purpose-built online training program consisting of 12 modules which can be taken as a stand-alone course, or used to augment face to face business mentoring. Mind Your Profit provides assistance with all aspects of business development from startup & marketing through to expansion, consolidation and exit, including assistance business sales, mergers and acquisitions. To make contact please visit the website.


VooGlue connects video and products with images of objects and scenes in the real world.  It is a patented, free, slim, light mobile application and a platform with smart features.  The VooGlue App incorporates block-chain technology with the phone app in development. The initial roll-out sector for VooGlue is in the Arts, and VooGlue Art can be purchased from the website. To make contact please visit the website https://vooglue.com (multivendor art gallery site)

For our group internet development services portal please see https://internetdevelpmentprofessionals.com